Optimize customer experience

CCT ContactPro®
Web / Social / Mobile

Improve customer service and loyality


Developed for Multimedia Interactions

The Omni-Channel architecture of CCT ContactPro® offers full use of the bidirectional multi media capabilities as they are offered by several services like WhatsApp. Beside the chat/text activities the agent can receive or send pictures, videos or documents to increase the unified customer experience and to close a case in one session.  CCT ContactPro can use social-media services or SMS  for outbound information, status updates or alerts. The PCI complient development of CP  supports also payment transactions or other sensitive information handling via web or mobile applications. The tight integration with conversational AI based systems like Cognigy provide further optimization in the customer interaction. 


Increase agent productivity

CCT ContactPro® work-list / work-item concept is perfectly tailored for socialmedia services. It allows to work on multiple chat streams or to switch back and forth between channels if a customer response is delayed. CP collects the necessary statistics to give a comprehensive agent and channel activity report in the analytic module or to path the data to other
systems. The transfer-function allows the agent to forward the actual chat together with the history information and the CRM link to an expert, supervisor or colleague. 


Works with automation tools

Through plug-ins ContactPro can communicate with other intelligent systems like chat-bots, content driven machines, robots and social media applications like  WhatsApp.

Blending and multi- tasking

Multiple media-sessions or combinations of channels like SMS, Web Chat, etc. are configurable. CCT ContactPro® takes care for a precise reporting of the agent activities while switch between parallel conversations.

Automatic database lookup

As configured, CCT ContactPro® will automatically open CRM information based the pre-chat or bot input. In multi session operation CP takes care that always the right CRM information is displayed in conjunction with the  according chat or sms dialog.

Templates and tranfers

The agent may use a variety of searchable templates to fill in recurring phrases or approved wording.  Flexible transfer-function to pass a dialog to a colleague, expert or supervisor.  Transfers are part of the reporting and are controlled by rules.

WhatsApp integration

CCT ContactPro® integrates WhatsApp just as a additional channel. All agent controls, like skills and priorities and all blending options work in the same way as we know them from CCT’s intelligent desktop. The customer service representative may work parallel with multiple WhatsApp conversations or mix the social media chat with other channels like a chat from the companies website. The CCT ContactPro® implementation integrates with cloud based providers like the Twilo WhatsApp business service.